Teen Battle Chef Invitational 2011

LIVE @ Kitchen Stadium on Broadway

May 12, 2011


On May 12, FamilyCook’s signature program, Teen Battle Chef, will be the featured attraction at our first fundraising event as a non-profit organization! The Teen Battle Chef Invitational will involve 30 student all-stars from schools across the Northeast and showcase their culinary artistry and presentation skills.

This year's Invitational has an exciting new Broadway theater venue, thanks to our new partnership with New York Institute of Technology and it's Hospitality and Communication Arts Departments.  The benefit will take place in the NYIT Auditorium on Broadway, a strikingly modern theater with exquisite stage and screen!  There, top NYC chefs participating in our Chef's Roundtable and others, will provide food for a delicious strolling dinner preceeding the evening's show from 6:30 to 7:30.

At 7:30 pm, the show and competition will begin, with Celebrity Chef Host George Duran, of TLC's "Ultimate Cake Off" fame.  George will put the pressure on the students as they scramble to add their finishing touches to the ethnic dishes they will present to the celebrity judges, including 4-time James Beard award winning cookbook author and Chef Rozanne Gold, and former First Lady of New York and longtime champion of children's health, Michelle Paige Paterson Then, the audience participants will text their votes for the exciting revelation of the evening's winners!  Prizes will be awarded and more Celebrity Chefs will file on stage for a 'live' silent auction! Early Bird tickets are available for a limited time for a private VIP reception with the chef's and celebrity participants!

Since the late 90s, the FamilyCook Productions mission has been "To bring people of all ages together around delicious, fresh food while positively impacting their health and wellbeing."  Now a non-profit, our mission remains the same.  Our programs extend from pre-school to adult, with an emphasis on at risk youth. In addition to developing the high school students culinary and nutrition skills, Teen Battle Chef leadership activities support young people to be leaders in their communities, teaching and sharing what they have learned and  exploring career opportunities.  As interns, youth in our summer program work part time with food entrepreneurs, restaurants, farmers markets and urban farms.

Thanks to our sponsorship from the New York Institute of Technology, almost 100% of the proceeds from this benefit will support the FamilyCook mission.

Ticket are available now for advance purchase at our Box Office online!



If you cannot join us on May 12, please consider supporting our work through your donation:

$25 - support one practice session of Teen Battle Chef "Final Battle" or "Showdown"
$50 - support one student’s cooking and nutrition skill development through Teen Battle Chef for one semester
$100 - support the same as above for two students
$200 - support the stipend for one student in our Summer Youth Intern Brigade to work one day each week teaching, gardening or working alongside a chef!
$500 - support an entire class' (12 students) cooking and nutrition skill development through Teen Battle Chef for one semester


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