Farmer's Market Education

Farm Fresh & Fabulous

An Interactive Farmers’ Market Nutrition & Culinary Demo Program

Could your farmers’ market or stand benefit from a Certified Community Food Educator presenting multi-cultural cooking strategies for teaching market shoppers to:

  • cook using fresh, seasonal produce
  • understand nutrition fundamentals while having fun
  • be adventurous and try new farm fresh veggies with friends and family
  • develop professional knife skills so cutting veggies is easy
  • practice cooking with kids to encourage healthy eating

This curriculum is designed for a tabletop in any farmer’s market. It was created at the request of the Bronx District Public Health Office of NYC,  to acquaint visitors to neighborhood farmers’ markets with easy and appealing meal preparations using a wide variety of fresh produce (herbs, leafy greens, and other colorful peppers, squashes, onion etc.)

The curriculum guides you, the Demonstrator, in preparing 6 different seasonal meals—2 per demonstration—at a farmers’ market, designed to accommodate 4-6 kids and/or adults to assist in the preparation with you.  Each full demonstration, done in cycles of 3, includes both a salad-type concept (two of which can be full meals) and a hot preparation concept designed to be fast, easy and healthful utilizing a wide variety of produce with infinite variations
This program offers tools for educators to teach seasonality, and identify a wide variety of veggies and herbs by pictures, and describes common ways to prepare them. Additional tools include Spanish Translation of recipes and 18 recipes with seasonal variations in total.