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Get Your Family Eating Right

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Teach a kid's cooking class and win!

The more people register to teach a cooking class for the "Let's Get Cooking with Kids" Food Day Campaign, the more copies of our book Get Your Family Eating Right we will give away!

That's because FamilyCook and the organizers of Food Day 2013 are working together to make this campaign a success!

Here is how the contest works:

Everyone who registers a cooking class on the Food Day map of events with "Let's Get Cooking" in their event title are automatically entered in a giveaway of Get Your Family Eating Right. The winners will be drawn on Food Day.

But there is ANOTHER chance to win using your Twitter account! On Food Day, tweet about your event using the #LetsGetCooking hashtag and we will automatically enter your name in a second giveaway of Get Your Family Eating Right. Winners will be drawn at the end of the day on Food Day.

So, again, you can win two ways.

  1. Register a "Let's Get Cooking" event on Food Day map + enter in one cookbook giveaway.
  2. On Food Day tweet your event using #LetsGetCooking + enter in another cookbook giveaway. 

Pretty simple ways to promote your Food Day event AND win a great new cookbook!

So get started now!

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No matter how you are spending your summer - a 'staycation' in the back yard, having visitors like Mercedes, or going to a lake or the seaside, there are opportunities all around you to connect your whole family to delicious, fresh food! Summer is the time of abundance - everything imaginable is in season waiting for you to discover it.


We are offering 3 families an opportunity to win a free, signed copy of
Get Your Family Eating Right! with this fun contest:

Here's how to enter:

  1. Share with us a photo and a little story describing the clever way you found to reconnect your family with fresh food by linking it to the hashtag #getyourfamilyeatingright on Twitter or Facebook, tagging FamilyCook Productions on Facebook, or entering in our comment section below.
  2. We will share your post with our followers and automatically enter you in our contest!
  3. We will announce our three winners on August 31st

If you'd rather share your entry by email, sent it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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Co-Authors Lynn Fredericks and Mercedes Sanchez are the team behind Get Your Family Eating Right and the successful nutrition education programs and curricula of FamilyCook Productions.  They share the same values around home cooked meals, multicultural recipes, one-pot recipe ‘concepts’ and inviting children into one’s kitchen.

Lynn and Mercedes' collaboration began 14 years ago when Mercedes interned with FamilyCook. A native of Spain, her traditional approach to family meals and natural flair to make them festive and fun meshed perfectly with Lynn’s philosophy of making each meal a festive, memorable occasion – but in the most simple way possible.  Together they have created innovative programs that have reached over 100,000 families across the US and soon in countries across the globe.  Meticulous researchers as well as program developers, they have routinely evaluated their work to build the evidence base for their philosophy.

Practicing what they preach, although Mercedes now resides with her husband and children in France, Lynn and Mercedes manage to continue their collaboration and enjoy even more food adventures spanning two continents.

Lynn  Merche 3

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about the book collage

Get Your Family Eating Right
by Lynn Fredericks & Mercedes Sanchez
Fair Winds Press 2013

Book Release Date: August 2013

American families are struggling to provide a healthy diet in their own homes. To blame is a society that stopped supporting family meals cooked at home from scratch. Working harder and longer hours is rewarded, over-scheduling children is encouraged. Mealtimes are outsourced to corporations and chefs, leaving parents on a constant search for a five-minute healthy recipe before succumbing to take out, fast food or a packaged solution. Our children are rushed through school lunch in less than 15 minutes. Who can appreciate and value food in such a society?

To resolve this we need everyone – society as a whole – to shift their values around home cooking.  Just as valuing where your food comes from has taken hold in our culture, so too, should cooking it ourselves. Our book, Get Your Family Eating Right, supports and inspires parents to make this values shift, and then provides the tools to accomplish it. We don’t pretend it’s super easy, but we do break it down into 30 steps so it’s not intimidating. The recipe concepts make it possible to quickly prepare a meal based on what parents have on hand, eliminating the need to always have to shop for ‘special’ ingredients.  Parents are even encouraged to use some of the tricks of food marketers to entice their children to eat healthy food.

This book reflects our experiences as mothers who have overcome our own family food challenges, and as creators of the successful nutrition education programs here at FamilyCook Productions. These programs have impacted more than 100,000 families around the world. In our nearly 2 decades of experience working with parents and children, teaching nutrition through cooking to all ages, we conduct ongoing research to understand what drives success.  Our results continually demonstrate that focusing on values first, and cooking skills and recipes second, is key.

In this blog, we complement the strategies offered in our book with the real experiences of our own friends, families and the youth in our programs who use these strategies successfully. Such inspiration will make it irresistible for you to take the plunge!


Buy the Book at the Following Retailers:

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